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Macro to Micro: from Ancient Egyptian Society to the Amulets of Daily Life with Lucia Gahlin

Once again, Lucia Gahlin, in conjunction with the Kemet Klub, delivered a great course.  This one looked into the detail of life in ancient Egypt – by breaking the lectures into Four Topics: Community, Settlement, House, Amulets – and very interesting … Continue reading

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Hatshepsut –  A trio of Lectures on Egypt’s ‘Female King’ – Lucia Gahlin, Dr. Aidan Dodson and Dr. Bernadette Brady

What a fantastic day this day was;  arranged by Bristol’s Kemet Klub, we were lucky to have three experts to talk to us. Lucia Gahlin began the day by giving an excellent talk on Hatsheptsut herself; her coming to the … Continue reading

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‘Deir el-Medina: Boys Behaving Badly’ – Rosalind Janssen, UCL

Rosalind Janssen is known to be a bit of an expert on Deir el-Medina (the ancient name ‘Set Maat’ – translates as ‘The Place of Truth’) and this was a talk with a difference. Deir el-Medina was the workers village; home … Continue reading

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Mythologising of a Pharaoh: Akhenaten, Deformed or Divine? Lucian Gahlin – UCL

Yet again, I have enjoyed another of Lucia Gahlin‘s excellent lectures at Dillington House. Having already written my own lecture on this enigmatic and fascinating pharaoh:  “Akhenaten – The ‘Heretic’ King”;  I was really interested to hear what Lucia had to … Continue reading

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Dreams in Ancient Egypt – Lucia Gahlin

I have just enjoyed another ‘dreamy’ day with Lucia Gahlin at Dillington House – always a winner. For this talk, Lucia investigated the significance of dreams in Ancient Egypt; what they meant, how they were understood and what a bad, … Continue reading

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‘Introduction to Ancient Egypt and Its Civilization’ – Created by the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

I have just completed and passed this free on-line course which was run by University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology via Coursera.   I signed up, thinking it would be too basic a course, for me, however, I was pleasantly … Continue reading

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Introduction to Ancient Egyptian Art – Charlotte Booth

We at the Egyptian Society Taunton have just enjoyed a really interesting talk given by Charlotte Booth.  With this presentation she took us through many of the clues to ‘reading’ Egyptian art – just as with the words spelled out with … Continue reading

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Yesterday I enjoyed a real ‘museum-fest’: I went to visit the Sir John Soane Museum and the British Museum in London. The Soane Museum was as fantastic as ever – not least, the fabulous sarcophagus of the 19th dynasty Pharaoh Seti l. … Continue reading

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A Pilgramage to Nefertiti – A Long-Time Ambition Achieved

I had always been disappointed never to have visited Berlin – and I addressed this when I travelled there for a holiday this summer.  I was fascinated by the city and what it stands for today, and found it vibrant … Continue reading

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Adorned by Egypt – Egypt in Arts and Crafts – Chris Elliott

Chris Elliot, of Egypt in England began his comprehensive lecture with Egyptian themes in Roman mosaics & frescoes and carried on with a general tour of influences on our own Arts and Crafts movement. Further afield, Piranesi decorated the English … Continue reading

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