Here are a few of the testimonials received from people who have attended my talks:

Your talk to our group ‘Experiencing Egypt – Three Unforgettable Years in Cairo’  was splendid!   As Speaker Secretary I very gracefully accepted all the compliments that were really due to you.
What an amazing country and how well you used your time there.  The photographs you showed were so brilliantly chosen to show both historic sights and personal memories which made your talk so much more relevant. 
I have your card and am now booking Speakers for 2019.  You are on my list!  Thank you so much for coming to see us this morning. I look forward to seeing you again.
Maureen  Crimmins.  Northwood & District U3A.  London

‘WHAT A GREAT MORNING!  Everybody enjoyed your talk – ‘The World’s First Pyramid’;  a comprehensive and easy to understand “tour”,  and great slides.   You certainly won over our members (and me of course!).  I am still receiving calls and e-mails congratulating me on getting you to come to us and asking when  you are coming back’.
Vice Chair – North London U3A.

Well you have done it again!!  What a performance!  One hundred members attended your second talk to our group – ‘Nomads to Nation: The Settling of the Nile Valley’, and loved every minute of  your presentation, your informal way of talking to us and the slides which were so easy to understand.  It was certainly one of our best meetings and I can hardly wait for your return.  Many thanks.
Vice Chair – North London U3A.

‘I must congratulate you on your remarkable presentation ‘From Nomads To Nation’  – and to thank you most warmly for coming along to us.  I know that everyone was fascinated by the lecture, and so many people have asked for a return visit!  So, I will be in touch again.  All the very best – and thank you again’.
Speakers Secretary – Hampstead U3A, London.

‘Janet’s talk for the U3A on the history of Egypt was very informative, enjoyable and well organised.  Janet’s enthusiasm for the subject is infectious and I hope I will be able to attend another one of her lectures’.
Roz Hallgarten – Hampstead U3A, London

‘Janet Diamond is an outstanding lecturer, engaging quickly and warmly with her audience and delivering an enormous amount of information about her subject concisely and well.  She uses crisp, colourful and carefully-chosen illustrations to support what she says.  Everything within her lectures has been comprehensively researched and she has the ability to touch easily on related subjects without losing the thread.  If you are looking for someone to delight an audience with fascinating detail about Ancient Egypt, its dynasties and its archaeological remains and treasures, do invite her without hesitation.  You will be pleased that you did!’
Brian Bissell (retired Headmaster)  MBE, MA, BD –  Torbay NADFAS

This lively talk  ‘Experiencing Egypt; Three Years in Cairo’ was well received by our members.  Janet Diamond is an engaging speaker and her excellent talk encompassed history, archaeology, and domestic life in 1980’s Cairo. Janet, thank you for your talk.
Jenny Ford – Speakers Secretary – Dorking U3A, Surrey

What an interesting introduction to the formation of early Egypt. Your talk “From Nomads to Nation” took us on a fascinating historical and geographical journey, highlighting the unique features that helped establish this great empire. Thank you Janet for a most enjoyable presentation and we look forward to hearing from you again.
Gill Dear – Vice Chair & Lecture Secretary, U3A Norwich.

Just a word of thanks for your informative and entertaining talk – ‘Ancient Egypt: A History in Six Objects’  to our U3A.  As you saw, it generated considerable interest among our members, and the feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive; it was just a shame that time constraints prevented the talk being twice as long, but hopefully you will come back in the future to talk about the remaining 6 objects!
Frank Cross – Speaker Secretary,  Bookham and District U3A, Surrey

‘Your presentation ‘Ancient Egypt: A History in Ten Object’ to Salisbury U3A at the Salisbury Museum exceeded all expectations. It was informative and entertaining and your knowledge and enthusiasm shone through the session accompanied with wonderful visuals.  Many members have contacted me already saying that it was an absolute delight to hear you talk.  We will welcome you back at the earliest opportunity’.
Malcolm Burrows – For U3A Salisbury Archaeology Group

‘Janet, may I just thank you for your exceptional talk – ‘Ancient Egypt: A History in Ten Objects’  this morning in Salisbury.  It was a tour de force and I hung on every word.  I really hope you will be invited again and I will be able to revel in another experience’.
Martin – Salisbury Archaeological Group (U3A)

‘Many thanks again for your second presentation here, a splendid talk ‘The Age of the Pyramids: The World’s First Pyramid’ – leading up to and covering Saqqara’.
Neil Parker – Egyptology Society Taunton

‘Experiencing Egypt: Three Years in Cairo’ – One of the most fascinating and interesting lectures of the season’.
Debbie Bartram – Egyptology Society Taunton

Jan Diamond provided us with an interesting, informative and humorous insight into living in Cairo in the 1980s during the presidency of Anwar Sadat.  We had asked for some mention on the antiquities of Ancient Egypt as a “taster” for a follow up talk next year aimed squarely at the Pharaonic ages and Jan delivered.  Our members feedback was good and her name will certainly figure when the 2018 programme is put together. 
Simon Beck, Chairman – Woodspring U3A – Nailsea, Clevedon and Portishead

Just a short thank you from all the Andover U3A members who attended your presentation ‘Egypt in the Eighties’.  A number of people have come up to me since and have expressed their thorough enjoyment of the afternoon. Such phrases as ‘One of the best talks we have had for a long time’ and ‘Can you come again?’  Once again a big thank you.
Regards – Peter Villalard – Speakers Secretary,  Andover U3A

‘I very much wanted to thank you for your excellent talk to our club – Ancient Egypt: A History in Ten Objects – which was absolutely fascinating, informative and engaging – it was a real pleasure to hear your presentation and all our members were enthusiastic in their praise and enjoyment.
I’m sorry about the microphone issues, and even when the batteries died you managed to carry on in a truly professional way.  Many thanks again’
Hazel,  ​Ringwood U3A Speaker Secretary/Deputy Chair​

Janet’s interesting and informative talk – ‘Ancient Egypt: A History in Ten Objects’ was beautifully illustrated throughout.  She conveyed her enthusiasm to an engaged audience.
Pauline Smith – Launceston and District U3A (Speakers Day)

‘Thank you so much for a great talk today – I had lots of positive feedback. You hit just the right note of history, geography and politics. The personal experiences of your expatriate life hit a real chord with so many of us’.
Lynda Armstrong – Chair – Severn and Avon Branch of the Shell Pensioners Association

‘Thank you so much for the wonderful talk about your three years in Cairo. It was really lovely to have a personal view of everyday life there.  I was particularly fascinated to hear about King Khufu’s solar boat and it was amazing that you were there when Sadat was assassinated.  There were many favourable comments from our members – an impressive talk and I have already been asked if you’ll be coming back!’
Sue Tranter – Speakers Secretary,  Sarum U3A

‘Outstanding.  Excellent clarity of presentation and information and well backed by visual images’ – ‘The Age of the Pyramids: The World’s First Pyramid’
Peter Morris – Friends of Taunton Museum

‘Thank you so much for the interesting and informative talk; ‘From Nomads to Nation’; I think you could tell by the questions and the number of people who came to talk to you afterwards how much the members enjoyed it.  And one of our members immediately emailed to say how much they had enjoyed the talk, and was looking forward to a continuation of the history’.
Vicky Iliffe – Speakers Secretary, Barnstaple U3A

‘Experiencing Egypt: Three Years in Cairo – An excellent illustrated presentation, well delivered and spiced with humour, that captured the atmosphere of Egypt, both ancient and modern’.
Ray Stokes – Vivary Probus Club, Somerset.

You did it again!  Many thanks for another (the fifth) talk to our group ‘The Age of the Pyramids: Decline and Resurrection’.  It was amazing, and the information you covered and the jewellery was so incredible.
Hope you have a good year and we will be in touch to book you again soon.
Chris Eyles – Speakers Secretary, Taunton U3A

Many, many thanks for a brilliant talk (and fourth to our group) -‘The Age of the Pyramids; The Steps to Giza’.  Your enthusiasm is amazing and you draw your audience in to want more.  I look forward to having you here again next year, when it would be good to continue with the themes of your talks’.
Chris Eyles – Speakers Secretary, Taunton U3A

‘Janet has a lively and enthusiastic style that brought to life her talk – ‘From Nomads to Nation’ and the early settling of the Nile Valley .  Utterly fascinating’.
J Richards – Bristol

‘A captivating excellently illustrated presentation, combining in-depth knowledge of Egypt and its history, with fascinating snapshots of day-to-day life in Cairo in the 1980s.  A most enjoyable,  entertaining and informative talk.’
Mike Holgate – Bridport U3A

‘Janet’s talk gave us insights into her life in Cairo in the early 1980’s – the difficulties and rewards; and explained why Cairo had changed from what it had been many years ago.
It was a wonderful and erudite walk through some of the sights of Ancient Egypt.  You could almost feel you were there scrambling among various sights, as she gave us an unusual picture of events that were far from the norm; not just a dry tomb by tomb lecture.
We all enjoyed the talk and as a result went away from and afternoon well spent in her company’.
Sheila Garland – Gloucester and District U3A

‘I really enjoyed your talk, and I learnt a great deal about the history and culture of Egypt.  You brought the subject alive with your illustrations and with your vivid accounts of your own experiences there at what was a fascinating time in Egypt’s history.  
It was all very informative and entertaining.  We really were very fortunate that you were able to talk to us.  Thank you very much’.
John Hunt – Exmouth U3A

‘I wanted to write and thank you so much for the lovely talk you gave us at Plympton.  It was wonderful; many members have contacted me regarding your talk on living in Egypt, and I promised faithfully that I would ask you back.
I could listened to you for hours more, our members are fascinated with your Egyptology talks and want to hear more.
Thank you once again – With very best wishes’
Maggie Holmes – Chair, Plympton U3A

‘Many thanks for your excellent talk to our members. It was so refreshing and moving to hear a presentation based on your own personal experiences in Egypt. The reaction from members of the audience was very positive, as you probably realised yourself from the approaches after the talk’.   
Norman Ross – Programme Secretary, Wells U3A

‘Your presentation  was so good that I didn’t look at my watch once during the whole presentation.  You gave both of us a very interesting first hand snapshot of life in Cairo during the eighties and a slightly different and personalised  perspective of the pyramids and the surrounding landscape than we had seen before’. 
Colonel  (retd) Terry and Penny English – Viviary Probus Club, Somerset

I  thoroughly enjoyed the 3 talks that you have given at my local U3A.
You have such a wealth of knowledge on the subject and each talk has been so varied and interesting.  I very much look forward to hearing you speak again.
Suzanne – Shepton Mallet U3A member

‘Thank you very much indeed for speaking to the Historical Association today – on the assassination of President Anwar Sadat, and Kamel El-Mallakh’s discovery of the oldest boat in the world –  and you provided a fine insight into them both.
Thanks again on behalf of the HA and for giving us all an excellent after-lunch talk.’
Geoff Bisson – Chairman, Historical Society (Taunton)

‘Better talk on Egypt that any programme on television – Superb’.
Peter Baker – Yeovil U3A

‘I couldn’t wait to be with you once more for your third talk to our group; another of your most entertaining talks – The Age of the Pyramid – The World’s First Pyramid’.
Olga Andrews – Dulverton U3A

‘I would like to thank you for your presentation.   I was transfixed … Your talk brought  Cairo alive  with clarity and knowledge of the culture, and the people of that time.
… the 3,000 years of Egyptian rule, the museums, churches … the pyramids and their development and secrets, have awakened in me an urge to see Egypt – to see for myself the developing history of one of the longest empires in the world.
Thank-you once again and I look forward to listening to you in the very near future.  Your presentation would be welcome in any gathering of people willing to learn and listen…’
Elaine Wilce – Plymouth U3A

‘Very knowledgeable about the subject. Kept the audience captivated throughout’.
C Gibbon – Friends of Taunton Museum

‘Amazing talk, with very clear information.  So fascinating’.
Nicky Matthews – Friends of Taunton Museum

‘Wonderful presentation!!’
Eddie Wolferston – Friends of Taunton Museum

‘Well researched, informative and most enjoyable’.   
John Jeramiah – Taunton Probus Club

‘Very interesting talk and slides.  Much more to tell –  please come again’.
Susan Brooks – Weston-Super-Mare U3A Somerset

So interesting – the talk was not long enough!’
Jane Steward – Weston Super Mare U3A

‘Well constructed, well illustrated and comprehensive overview.  Delivered with sensitivity and a sympathetic feel for Egypt’s history and people’.
Don Ruffell – Taunton U3A

‘Great enthusiasm, backed by well researched information and well worth listening to’.
Martin Sumpter – Friends of Lisieux

‘Very interesting!  Janet is great!’
Josette Barnes – Friends of Lisieux

‘A most enjoyable, entertaining and informative talk!’ (From Nomads to Nation)
Brian Harwood – Shepton Mallet – University of the Third Age