‘Introduction to Ancient Egypt and Its Civilization’ – Created by the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

penn-logoI have just completed and passed this free on-line course which was run by University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology via Coursera.  

I signed up, thinking it would be too basic a course, for me, however, I was pleasantly surprised.  I found it an interesting, well-organised and structured course, with video lectures and some excellent graphics and examples from the museum used.

It was divided into 6 different weekly topics:
Week 1:   Introduction
Week 2:  History and Chronology
Week 3:  The Pharaoh and Kingship
Week 4:  Gods and Goddesses
Week 5:  The Pyramids and the Sphinx
Week 6:  Mummies and Mummification

Each week finished with a (not difficult) quiz to achieve the pass-mark and Week 6 included a very interesting discussion of a 3000+ year-old mummy from their collection. You can follow the generous weekly timetable, or like me, go ahead and finish early.

I was expecting just to revise my knowledge, rather than learn anything new.  However, whilst I did not learn a lot, I enjoyed the process and there a few interesting tib-bits which were new to me.  It just goes to show – it is such a huge subject, there is always more to learn.

So, if you are interested, do have a look.  If it is too late to sign up for this course, it may be possible to register interest for subsequent courses; and, like me, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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