November 2018: Fred Olsen – ‘Boudicca’ – ‘Ancient Arabia’
I have been asked if I am free to speak on another cruise!   This cruise begins in the far east, and I have been invited to join it for the final leg from Alexandria, across the Mediterranean and back to Dover.  Happily I can make it!

Friday 1st February 2019 – Snowstorms and Chaos
Our drive up to Heathrow was a frightening experience as we got caught in the snow blizzard that hit the M4 around Swindon – Reading!  We had allowed a lot of extra time to get there, however, the weather was so bad, that we still only made it just in time to board the plane.  It made the cruise and sunshine seem even more appealing.

Once boarded, we then experienced the plane waiting on the runway for over 2.5  hours – too long for us to catch our flight at Istanbul!  However, at Istanbul, Turkish Airlines pulled out all the stops, kept the connecting plane waiting and whisked us directly to it waiting on the runway!  Very impressive indeed, and I was very grateful.

One small problem – on arrival at Alexandria, we found that whilst we had made the connection, our luggage had not!  Five of the new members of the Entertainments Team (and partners) – singer, pianist and three speakers were minus all their suitcases and clothing.  We were told there was no time to get the luggage to us before departure from Alexandria, and it would be sent directly to Malta, our next stop – three days hence!  So, no change of clothes etc for the duration, and all of us with a job to do – and trying to look professional as we do it.

Everyone made a great effort, and were very  inventive in their ways of looking the part; and it made a great story and quickly broke the ice; and happily we were all reunited with our cases at Malta, as promised.  Great stuff.

2nd – 13th February 2019:
The cruise itself was great!  We visited Malta, Palma and Cadiz (which I fell in love with).  The weather was perfect – allowing for plenty of pool and deck-time.  There was lots to do, endless great food, wine and company.  And the staff were universally excellent, professional and helpful.

The response to my talks was really encouraging – the passengers were very complimentary and could not have been friendlier or kinder.  How lovely for me!
I made many friends, had the best of times and would not hesitate to go on this liner again – should I be lucky enough to be invited, that is!  Fingers crossed!!


June 2017 and I have been accepted as a speaker on cruise liners!
This is so exciting! This has long been an ambition of mine.  I wonder how long I will have to wait receive my first offer for a cruise;  watch this space ….

August 2017: Fred Olsen ‘Black Watch’ – ‘Wonders of the World’ – 2018:   
I have already been offered a placement:  I have been asked if I could speak on board the Black Watch world cruise in 2018.  I am to join the liner at Mumbai in March and sail to Alexander to disembark in April – so exciting!

March to April 2018:
I am back home, having undertaken: Fred Olsen’s ‘Wonders of the World’:
Having never cruised before, I had little idea of quite what to expect.  However, I received a great welcome and induction from Elliot – the Cruise Director.  Fellow speakers and entertainers were friendly, helpful and very supportive, and I quickly began to settle into my role as Speaker.

My first presentation was the next morning, and initially I felt a little nervous, however, I soon relaxed into the routine and enjoy myself.   In all, I gave 5 talks, which I tailored to suit what the passengers would be visiting during their time in Egypt.  As we sailed up the Red Sea and into the Suez Canal, I gave them insights into what they might see on their visit to Cairo; the Cairo Museum and the Pyramids at Giza.  They seemed to enjoy the talk, and were very kind in their comments.

And I enjoyed it too: I was made to feel so welcome; had great feedback and support; enjoyed getting to know the passengers and entertainment staff; attended great talks and evening entertainments myself; and ate far too readily of the excellent food in a choice of lovely restaurants.  What is there not to like?  

April 2018:  On my return from ‘Wonders of the World’ I was delighted to have received an offer for further cruises.  That is terrific – I look forward to my next cruise; again – watch this space …..