June 2017 and I have been accepted as a speaker on cruise liners!
This is so exciting! This has long been an ambition of mine.  I wonder how long I will have to wait receive my first offer for a cruise;  watch this space ….

August 2017: Fred Olsen ‘Black Watch’ – ‘Wonders of the World’ – 2018:   
I have already been offered a placement:  I have been asked if I could speak on board the Black Watch world cruise in 2018.  I am to join the liner at Mumbai in March and sail to Alexander to disembark in April – so exciting!

March to April 2018:
I am back home, having undertaken: Fred Olsen’s ‘Wonders of the World’:
Having never cruised before, I had little idea of quite what to expect.  However, I received a great welcome and induction from Elliot – the Cruise Director.  Fellow speakers and entertainers were friendly, helpful and very supportive, and I quickly began to settle into my role as Speaker.

My first presentation was the next morning, and initially I felt a little nervous, however, I soon relaxed into the routine and enjoy myself.   In all, I gave 5 talks, which I tailored to suit what the passengers would be visiting during their time in Egypt.  As we sailed up the Red Sea and into the Suez Canal, I gave them insights into what they might see on their visit to Cairo; the Cairo Museum and the Pyramids at Giza.  They seemed to enjoy the talk, and were very kind in their comments.

And I enjoyed it too: I was made to feel so welcome; had great feedback and support; enjoyed getting to know the passengers and entertainment staff; attended great talks and evening entertainments myself; and ate far too readily of the excellent food in a choice of lovely restaurants.  What is there not to like?  

April 2018:  On my return from ‘Wonders of the World’ I was delighted to have received an offer for further cruises.  That is terrific – I look forward to my next cruise; again – watch this space …..