Reflections on Queen Tiye – Dr. Robert Morkot, University of Exeter

Dr Robert Morkot came up from Exeter to talk to us about Queen Tiye – and it was a really good and informative lecture.

Amenhotep III’s Great Royal Wife is one of the most prominent of Egyptian Queens; and Robert posed the questions: ‘What do we know about her?’ and ‘What do we know of her role in this most important of reigns?’   And I soon realised that I knew less than I thought I knew!

Robert took us first through her family tree; what is known and the theories of her origins.  He then took us through what is known of her life, and the influence and what power she had as the Great Royal Wife of the mightiest pharaoh – Amenhotep lll of the mightiest Dynasty – the 18th, in the 3000 years of Empire.

In his talk, Robert also considered the temples built for her, by Amenhotep lll – one of the most prolific and greatest builders in the history of ancient Egypt; and her iconography, which continued to influence images and attitudes of queens in succeeding dynasties and for years to come.

A fascinating and insightful lecture – thank you very much Robert.

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