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‘Ancient Egypt: New Stories’ – Prof. Joann Fletcher: Hosted by Taunton Literary Festival and the Egyptian Society Taunton

Today we had the most fabulous day!  Joann Fletcher – as seen recently on BBC 2’s series ‘Immortal Egypt’ – came to talk in Taunton as part of the Taunton Literacy Festival; co-hosted by the Egyptian Society Taunton.  It was … Continue reading

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The Egyptian Labyrinth: A Middle Kingdom Enigma – Prof. Dylan Bickerstaffe

For many years, I have wanted to know the truth and facts behind the fabled ‘Egyptian Labyrinth’ and this comprehensive lecture by Prof. Dylan Bickerstaffe did not disappoint! Beginning with the Greek and Roman writers Dylan explained where the belief in … Continue reading

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Tomb Security in Ancient Egypt from the Predynastic to the Pyramid Age – Dr Reg Clark 

Today we were lucky to have Dr Reg Clark, of Swansea University speaking at the Egyptian Society Taunton, as the first speaker in their 2017/2018 season.  In this lecture Dr Reg Clark began by saying that this issue has been somewhat overlooked, as until … Continue reading

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Writings from Ancient Egypt by Dr. Toby Wilkinson – Cambridge University

Well, I have just had such a treat – a lecture given by one of my favourite writers and Egyptologists – Dr. Toby Wilkinson. Toby began by explaining that we usually silently read the writings and texts of ancient Egypt, … Continue reading

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The Senenmut Ceiling by Dr. Bernadette Brady

Following on from the last month’s  great lecture on Senenmut, Dr Bernadette Brady of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David came to talk at the Egyptian Society Taunton about the wonderful and beautiful Senenmut Ceiling. Bernadette began by reminding us … Continue reading

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Senenmut by Dr Campbell Price – Curator of Egypt and the Sudan, Manchester Museum, University of Manchester

Today, we at the Egyptian Society, and D.A.S Exeter enjoyed the most marvelous talk on Senenmut; given by Dr. Campbell Price.  I had seen him give on-line lectures for Manchester Museum (University of Manchester) and had enjoyed them very much, yet … Continue reading

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‘Deir el-Medina: Boys Behaving Badly’ – Rosalind Janssen, UCL

Rosalind Janssen is known to be a bit of an expert on Deir el-Medina (the ancient name ‘Set Maat’ – translates as ‘The Place of Truth’) and this was a talk with a difference. Deir el-Medina was the workers village; home … Continue reading

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Introduction to Ancient Egyptian Art – Charlotte Booth

We at the Egyptian Society Taunton have just enjoyed a really interesting talk given by Charlotte Booth.  With this presentation she took us through many of the clues to ‘reading’ Egyptian art – just as with the words spelled out with … Continue reading

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Adorned by Egypt – Egypt in Arts and Crafts – Chris Elliott

Chris Elliot, of Egypt in England began his comprehensive lecture with Egyptian themes in Roman mosaics & frescoes and carried on with a general tour of influences on our own Arts and Crafts movement. Further afield, Piranesi decorated the English … Continue reading

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Obelisks in the Eternal City: From Egypt to Italy – by Luigi Prada, Oxford University

This was a very interesting talk – a different take on the ‘pointed’ subject of obelisks – presented by the very engaging Luigi Prada from Oxford University.  Luigi had spoken to the Egyptian Society, Taunton before, and he is a … Continue reading

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