‘Ancient Egypt – A History in Twelve Objects’

The more I studied the world of Ancient Egypt, the more I encountered incredible, fascinating antiquities and artefacts, and with interesting stories behind them.  Eventually I thought a collection of objects would make an interesting talk.  
It was quite a challenge, trying to reduced 5000 years of culture down to a small, choice selection.  However, it was worth the effort – as this presentation really is  ‘A Few of my Favourite Things’.  

This talk journeys through Ancient Egypt via a series of items:
The selection includes jewellery, stela, statues, funerary items, mummification, big characters and more; some of them little known, often unique, many exquisitely beautiful; and some truly important and significant; all showing an astonishingly high level of creativity and expertise – and all with fascinating backgrounds.

Selected from across the main periods of ancient Egypt, the objects begin with Predynastic times – c. 4400 BCE, the time before the pharaohs and their pyramids; and finishes around 323 – 30 BCE, with the Greek Ptolemies; the last Pharaohs of Egypt, some 4000 years later.

With my selection, I include items with differing purposes, artistic styles, materials and periods, and from different museum collections around the world – and each item with its own unique, compelling and fascinating story to tell!

To fit all twelve objects into one talk takes an hour or more.  However, it can be delivered as two talks of six objects; each then being of around 45 minutes.  It is a popular presentation, to a wide range of groups, and especially to those who are interested in art and design, as well as ancient Egyptian history.

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