About me

SONY DSCTravel has always been a big part of my life – in fact, one of my earliest childhood memories is that of being in Singapore where I lived with my family at the time.

I also married  ‘a man on the move’ and continued to travel and live abroad during much of my married life.  I consider myself fortunate indeed to have lived in Germany, the Far East – in both Singapore and Hong Kong, and in South Africa and Egypt.

This life of travel has fostered in me a fascination with the world at large and a love of learning about new lands, their peoples and cultures.  Whilst it was my love of art and history that caused me to fall in love with Italy, it was Egypt above all that impacted on me and my life.  During my time in Cairo, Egyptology became my focus, developing a fascination for the subject which has never left me.

My home is now in the West Country; and much of my professional life has been here, where I have worked teaching, training and coaching, and now as a speaker delivering talks on Italy and Egyptology.

My presentations have been written from my travels in Italy, and my own experience of living in Egypt and the realization of how vast and unique is the history of this ancient land.   I was overawed to discover that the empire of ancient Egypt lasted an incredible 3000 years.  My talks are an attempt to help the listener make sense of this complex and enduring history – and to enjoy the process.

I deliver my presentations to a wide range of societies, clubs and groups across a wide area; and as a speaker on Cruise Liners – see Cruises.

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University of Bristol: Egypt Society of Bristol
Egyptian Society Taunton– Programme Secretary
The Kemet Klub, Bristol – for further information on great courses email Alison on: ali.dave@blueyonder.co.uk

My own Current and Forthcoming Studies and Lectures:
Queen Nefertari and Ancient Egypt’s Most Beautiful Tomb – Lucia Gahlin
Art of the New Kingdom – Dr Robert Morkot, Exeter University
Mummies, Magic and Medicine in Ancient Egypt – Dr Campbell Price of Manchester Museum, arranged by the Kemet Klub

… and, happily, much more during the year!