Hatshepsut –  A trio of Lectures on Egypt’s ‘Female King’ – Lucia Gahlin, Dr. Aidan Dodson and Dr. Bernadette Brady

What a fantastic day this day was;  arranged by Bristol’s Kemet Klub, we were lucky to have three experts to talk to us.

Lucia Gahlin began the day by giving an excellent talk on Hatsheptsut herself; her coming to the throne, her co-regency and reign, and the ultimate removal of her name and images from the Egyptian monuments and writings; the intention of which was her removal from ancient Egyptian history.

Next, Dr. Aidan Dodson went on to tell us all about her monuments and especially, her wonderful and very beautiful Mortuary temple at Deir el-Bahri at Thebes, close to the Valley of the Kings; designed by Senenmut,  an important architect and government official in the court of Hatshepsut.

Finally, to finish the day with a ‘big-bang’, Dr. Bernadette Brady (Cultural Astronomer and Astrologer) gave a truly fascinating talk on the gorgeous Astronomical Ceiling in the tomb of the High Official, Senenmut.  I had heard Bernadette talk on this before, yet still found it absolutely fascinating and spell-binding!

It was an wonderful and very informative day; and we enjoyed it immensely.  I returned home tired, but delighted with my Hatshepsut-fest-day.

Thanks Ali and the committee of the Kemet Klub for bringing these three excellent speakers together on our behalf – we are lucky indeed to have you.

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