Mythologising of a Pharaoh: Akhenaten, Deformed or Divine? Lucian Gahlin – UCL

Yet again, I have enjoyed another of Lucia Gahlin‘s excellent lectures at Dillington House.

Having already written my own lecture on this enigmatic and fascinating pharaoh:  Akhenaten – The ‘Heretic’ King”;  I was really interested to hear what Lucia had to offer.  And, as always, I was not disappointed:  she gave a great talk, with a  new insight into our ‘understanding’ of this incredible time in the history of Ancient Egypt – the mighty 18th Dynasty.

Concentrating on past research and writings on this tumultuous period, and opinions which had been influenced by personal prejudices or attitudes of the day, Lucia revealed how fanciful and even misleading some of them have been.  She discussed how this had at times resulted in inaccurate and misleading information; thus showing how risky it is to introduce personal bias or to ‘mythologise’ a character – especially one from so long ago; one of whom so little is known as absolute and verifiable fact.

It was a very enjoyable and most thought-provoking lecture and one I was very pleased I attended, as always with Lucia.

Thanks again Lucia – I look forward to the next lecture

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