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‘Searching for the Lost Tombs of Egypt’ – Dr. Chris Naunton: Hosted by Taunton Literary Festival and the Egyptian Society Taunton

The Egyptian Society Taunton joined Brendon Books for the 8th Taunton Literary Festival 2018 and we were delighted to have Dr Chris Naunton as our guest speaker for the event. With his usual relaxed and friendly manner Chris talked to us about … Continue reading

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Female Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt – Prof Aidan Dodson

Once again, we had an interesting visit by Aidan Dodson, this time talking to us about the female pharaohs of ancient Egypt, as apposed to the Great Royal Wives of the male Pharaohs. Hatshepsut is a very well-known ‘Female King’, … Continue reading

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Digital Saqqara: A New View of the Late Period/Early Ptolemaic Sacred Animal Landscape of North Saqqara – by Scott Williams

Scott came to speak  at Taunton, recommended by Prof. Paul Nicholson of Cardiff University.  Combining his different areas of expertise, Scott had recently digtalised Saqqara during the Ptolemaic Period He began by recounting that the site at North Saqqara has … Continue reading

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Mummies of the Manchester Museum by Dr Campbell Price

Campbell is one of my very favourite speakers – lively, energetic, enthusiastic and informative; and as Curator of the Manchester Museum is in the perfect position to give us a great insight in the Museum which holds some 20 mummies … Continue reading

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Art for the Afterlife: Tomb Paintings in the British Museum by Lucia Gahlin

This meeting was held in Exeter at the Devon Archaeological Society, where once again, Lucia has delivered an excellent lecture.   For this talk, Lucia talked about art for the afterlife – focusing on tomb paintings now in the British Museum. … Continue reading

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Theban Harbours and Waterscapes Survey – by Kris Strutt:

New Discoveries and Challenges in Mapping the Changing Nile Floodplain at Thebes: Kris came to our group to give us an entirely different sort of lecture – based around the Textual and archaeological resources of the movement of the Nile … Continue reading

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Egyptian Hieroglyphs – Maiken Mosleth King, Bristol University

I have just undertaken and completed the above course, and how very challenging it proved to be!  Maiken put together a great course, and even though a complete novice in the subject, I enjoyed it, learned and lot; and above all, … Continue reading

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Reflections on Queen Tiye – Dr. Robert Morkot, University of Exeter

Dr Robert Morkot came up from Exeter to talk to us about Queen Tiye – and it was a really good and informative lecture. Amenhotep III’s Great Royal Wife is one of the most prominent of Egyptian Queens; and Robert … Continue reading

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Images of Eternity – Dr. Campbell Price, Manchester Museum

This was yet another great day; hosted by the Kemet Klub in Bristol, with the terrific Campbell Price, talking about ancient Egyptian statuary; one of his favourite subjects and areas. In his own lively, enthusiastic style he took us through … Continue reading

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‘Ancient Egypt: New Stories’ – Prof. Joann Fletcher: Hosted by Taunton Literary Festival and the Egyptian Society Taunton

Today we had the most fabulous day!  Joann Fletcher – as seen recently on BBC 2’s series ‘Immortal Egypt’ – came to talk in Taunton as part of the Taunton Literacy Festival; co-hosted by the Egyptian Society Taunton.  It was … Continue reading

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