Yesterday I enjoyed a real ‘museum-fest’: I went to visit the Sir John Soane Museum and the British Museum in London.

The Soane Museum was as fantastic as ever – not least, the seti-l-big-sarcopfabulous sarcophagus of the 19th dynasty Pharaoh Seti l.  Carved from a single block of alabaster, it is covered with delicately carved texts from the ‘Book of the Gates’ – and is stunningly beautiful.

The museum was Sir John’s private home when in 1833 he negotiated an Act of Parliament: to preserve his house and collection, exactly as it would be at the time of his death – and to keep it open and free for inspiration and education.

It is simply packed with ancient artefacts, books, paintings and architectural drawings.  How he managed to amass so much and live with it as he went about his daily life I cannot imagine, and I find this part of my enchantment with this extraordinary museum – I just love it!

Do visit it, and do expect to be fascinated:
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Nextsunken_cities_464-1, onto the British Museum to see ‘Sunken Cities: Egypt’s Lost Worlds’ before the exhibition comes to an end shortly.    The story of how the two cites of Thonis-Heracleion and Canopus were initially lost was fascinating, as was their rediscovery, and recovery.

And what a magnificent exhibition it is – full of hundreds of wonderful and beautiful artefacts, both large and small.  Again, I loved it!

Do visit this exhibition if you can – you will not be disappointed:
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