The Curious Mind of Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci – one of the true giants of the art world – often described as the “Universal Genius” or “Renaissance Man”.

Mona Lisa

But Who was Leonardo da Vinci?
Leonardo started life as an artist – painting what is probably the best-known portrait in the world – the Mona Lisa.

But he was so much more:
To understand Leonardo and his prodigious and wide-ranging achievements, it is necessary to know what drove him.
He possessed an insatiable curiosity, energy and scientific mind; and throughout his lifetime he sought to understand the world around him, questioning anything and everything that caught his attention.

Vitruvian Man

As a result, he left a breath-taking list of achievements and knowledge in subjects such as:
Painting ,optics, sculpting, architecture,
Anatomy,  nature and natural phenomena, botany,
Invention, engineering, science
Mathematics, geology, astronomy, history
Cartography, music, costume and stage design
…..the list goes on!

But If curiosity was what drove this incredibly powerful and productive mind, where then, did this curiosity stem from?  In recent decades, researchers have looked for answers, and many believe it rose out of the less-than-ideal circumstances of Leonardo’s illegitimacy and childhood.

Leonardo’s Design for a Crossbow

When studying Leonardo, is it is difficult to know quite where to begin.  Fortunately, he left a fabulous, vast body of works in the form of thousands of drawings and writings in many notebooks and Codices – many of which were lost until recent times.

And it is these writings which reveal so much of Leonardo the man, his life and achievements and the relentless curiosity that drove him to become, what is for many – perhaps the Greatest Genius of all time!