Theban Harbours and Waterscapes Survey – by Kris Strutt:

New Discoveries and Challenges in Mapping the Changing Nile Floodplain at Thebes:

800px-Nile_Flood_plain_limits_(2009)Kris came to our group to give us an entirely different sort of lecture – based around the Textual and archaeological resources of the movement of the Nile and how is has migrated across the floodplain over the last 4000 years; changing its relationship with temple and harbour sites on both banks.

Using us his data from the recent geophysical and topographic survey methods Kris showed us how the survey for the project investigated the changing pattern of waterways and related building complexes, assessing how the landscape functioned through time.

Results of the project have revealed a complex record of changing channel migration; and a relationship between the temples of the West Bank & the proximity of ancient channels of the Nile.  It was quite fascinating to see the changes.

Kris also outlined the survey methodology, some of the latest results, and told us of some of the methodological challenges revealed by the project.

Whilst this talk could have been rendered dry and academic, Kris more than successfully avoided this and instead delivered a truly fascinating, different and broad-ranged talk.

Thanks Kris – hope we can hear you again one day – and soon.

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