‘Ancient Egypt: New Stories’ – Prof. Joann Fletcher: Hosted by Taunton Literary Festival and the Egyptian Society Taunton

Today we had the most fabulous day!  Joann Fletcher – as seen recently on BBC 2’s series ‘Immortal Egypt’ – came to talk in Taunton as part of the Taunton Literacy Festival; co-hosted by the Egyptian Society Taunton.  It was a very well supported event, the venue was lovely, and full of many enthusiastic fans and attentive listeners – and it proved to be a terrific day!

Joann gave a lively and fascinating talk; based on her latest book, she started with the very early rock-paintings in Egypt from around 20,000 ago, and finished in the final days of the empire.  Through the talk she included many extra enjoyable ‘nuggets’; such as the fact that Amenhotep lll  is her favourite pharaoh; Montuhotep’s wife bit her nails, Ramesses II had a penchant for dying his hair,  and the farmer Baki liked eating in bed.

She was relaxed,  humorous and down-to-earth and it all went towards creating a great presentation!  Joann was friendly and informative, and very generous with her time and knowledge; I think the Q & A’s could have gone on all day; and her book signing was a great success.

The Egyptian Society Taunton was very pleased when Joann agreed to come to Taunton and we were not in any way disappointed; and the committee of EST enjoyed its own moment of reward before the camera with Joann.

So, thanks EST for booking Joann and co-hosting the day; thanks Brendon Books who, very efficiently, staged the event and who along with EST, created such a memorable day in Taunton!
But above all – thanks Joann for coming – we really hope to see you here in Taunton again in the near future!

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