‘The Sun Kings of Egypt – A Series of Three Talks’

This is a series of three talks on pharaohs of the mighty 18th Dynasty; a period unequalled in the history of Ancient Egypt; a period of powerful and wealthy pharaohs, of high drama and religious mania; of monumental building and artist change.

These pharaohs have been referred to by some as The Sun Kings of Ancient Egypt’; not only because of their building, spending and self-indulgence on a grand scale – reminiscent of those of with their modern counterparts – The Sun Kings of France’; but also, because of their revolutionary religious beliefs and their association with the sun-god, The Aten.

And, like the Sun Kings of France, they too felt the consequences of their obsession, as they experienced their own religious ‘revolution’, political turmoil and ultimate down-fall.

This is a period which holds much fascination today, but is rife with assumption, speculation and fanciful theorising – and through these talks I look at some of the misconceptions around these pharaohs, and compare what we think we know and with what we actually do know…

In these talks I introduce you to:
Amenhotep lll – The Sun-Kissed Throne
Akhenaten – Renegade or Religious Revolutionary?
Tutankhamun – Heavy is the Head That Wears the Crown

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