Images of Eternity – Dr. Campbell Price, Manchester Museum

This was yet another great day; hosted by the Kemet Klub in Bristol, with the terrific Campbell Price, talking about ancient Egyptian statuary; one of his favourite subjects and areas.

Seated Scribe – Saqqara

In his own lively, enthusiastic style he took us through the centuries of statuary and imagery of Ancient Egypt – informing us of the meanings, the changes in style, intention and beliefs inherent in the making of images and statues; along with the eternal expectations for them.

Campbell gave us a day full of new learning, delivered in his usual bouncing, enthusiastic way.  And adding to this really enjoyable day – the usual coffee and cakes were dished out in very generous quantities by the ladies of the Kemet Klub.

Thank Campbell and the Kemet Klub for another lovely, and very informative course.

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