Warfare and Weapons in Ancient Egypt – Manchester University

university-1I have just finished the above excellent on-line course and achieved my ‘Certificate of Completion: Warfare and Weapons in Ancient Egypt’

It is the last of three such on-line courses I have completed through the university, and was just as enjoyable and informative as the others.

As the title indicates, it is about warfare and it focused on the mighty 18th and 19th dynasties – which I guess, is not surprising.  We looked a coastal and border fortifications, invaders – the Libyan, Sea Peoples etc.

And, as you would expect, battles – not least, the Battle of Kadesh and defeating the Sea Peoples.

As always, there were video lectures, downloads, activities and quizzes – all of which had to be completed to earn the certificate.

They are really well-run and enjoyable courses, and I wish there were more.  Thank you Joyce Tyldesley,  Glenn Godenho, Campbell Price and their team.

To find out more: http://www.egyptologyonline.ls.manchester.ac.uk/tastercourses/

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