Immortal Egypt: BBC Two – by Prof. Joann Fletcher – University of York

bbc-blocks-lightI just have to write something about this wonderful four-part series that Prof. Joann Fletcher of York University was recently on BBC Two.

It was simply and utterly wonderful!  Joann began with North Africa’s earliest rock art at Qurta, moved onto the ancient nomadic culture of Ancient Egypt, to Pre-dynastic and early dynastic times, to the pyramids and their builders, writing, tomb robberies, taxes, the glorious New Kingdom and through to the last of the pharaohs.   In the four programs, Joann took the viewer as easily through the history of ancient Egypt as she appeared to move through the landscape of Egypt.

Joanne FletcherShe has a wonderful manner and is clearly as well-informed as you would expect such an experienced lecturer, publisher and broadcaster to be, yet she delivered this series in such a clear, understandable and entertaining way.  It was serious and yet enlightening, informative and very, very entertaining.

I don’t know if I have ever been more disappointed to see such a series come to an end.

The Story of EgyptHer book for the series is ‘The Story of Egypt’
I now have her book on the series ( – added to my already very crowded book shelf) and I love it!  Joanne writes very well, and it is an informative and very interesting read!
Thanks Joann – and when can we look forward to more?

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