‘The Pharaoh in Ancient Egypt’  – Lucia Gahlin  of UCL and the Kemet Klub, Bristol

During the most enjoyable four weeks of ‘ The Pharaoh in Ancient Egypt’ we covered so much:  from the young princes and Pharoahs-to-be and their life in the palaces:  their education and training, their hunting, play and playmates, and even their wet-nurses.  And who and which of the princes might or might not become pharaohs and the reasons for this.

We heard about life as they grew, and the growing expectations on them – and then we focused on the life of a pharaoh in ancient Egypt:

Window of ApperancesLucia covered royal titulary – and I loved learning about the courtly ritual and audiences in the palaces with the king, royal public appearances and parades, ceremonies, pharaoh duties and demands of them, and their relationship and interaction with the gods as part of the renewal of their divine responsibilities.

Ramses_II_at_KadeshAnd, of course, we heard about battles – a big deal to the Pharaohs – it being their duty to protect the land and its people.  We learned what military training they undertook: archery and other means of fighting.  And from the 18th dynasty onwards – charioteering and horsemanship; and the resultant displays of pharaonic might in battle – and the truth – or not – that was of the inevitable show of victory in the royal propaganda.

As always with Lucia and the Kemet Klub – it proved to be a most enjoyable and informative course.  Thanks yet again Lucia and the lovely Kemet Klub

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