Treasure of the Pharaohs; Ancient Egyptian Jewellery – Lucia Gahlin UCL

We at the Kemet Klub have just finished another pearl of a course presented by the sparkling Lucia on the dazzling glories of ‘Ancient Egyptian Jewellery’.

Lucia started with early jewellery making in ancient Egypt – revealing how very skilled were the early Egyptians, and what wonderful examples of amulets and personal adornment of gold, faience, silver, semi-precious stones have been found in early burials – including the world’s earliest known examples of worked iron – meteoric iron beads: Naqada ll – lll, c.3500 – 3100:

She movSithathororiune pectoraled through the ages; showing us many splendid and very beautiful examples; discussing the workmanship and symbolism of some the finest pieces.  Lucia spent time on the splendors of the Middle Kingdom.  I was utterly taken with this gorgeous, stunningly beautiful pectoral of Princess Sit–Hathor–yunet:  Tomb of Senusret ll at Lahun, c. 1887–1813 B.C.

Tutankhamun's pectoralLucia finished by discussing some of the fabulous, astonishingly skilled and beautiful pieces found in the tomb of Tutankhamen – not just the magnificent and gorgeous mask, but many of his wonderful pendants, pectorals and more.

This course glittered, sparkled and dazzled from start to finish – thanks again Lucia!

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