Obelisks in the Eternal City: From Egypt to Italy – by Luigi Prada, Oxford University

This was a very interesting talk – a different take on the ‘pointed’ subject of obelisks – presented by the very engaging Luigi Prada from Oxford University.  Luigi had spoken to the Egyptian Society, Taunton before, and he is a good speaker, so I was looking forward to this talk.

He started by telling us that there are more Egyptian obelisks outside of Egypt than there are still in Egypt!  I found this quite shocking.

He discussed various obelisks: which pharaoh they belonged to, where they originated and where they are today – and the ‘hows and whys’of their removal from Egypt and to their new homes.

Luigi covered a lot of ground, and it was a most interesting talk by a good speaker.

Thanks Luigi – ‘points’ all round!

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