The Age of the Pyramids – The World’s First Pyramid – Janet Diamond

To begin the new season of talks, the speaker at the Egyptian Society Taunton was me again!
E.S.T had inviteDen sandallabel_ld me back to give another talk, at their excellent new venue in the Taunton Museum.  Their choice this time, was the above presentation; which looks at some of the early burials, and the architectural, iconography, religious and artistic influences that were in place long before the building of the Step Pyramid, and many of which are to be found in the pyramid and pyramid complex at Saqarra.

They are a friendly and informed group: interesting questions were asked and lively discussions resulted.  Moreover, they did not appear to feel the need to smite me mightily and trample me underfoot in response to my presentation!

They appeared to enjoy the talk and I enjoyed giving delivering it.

Thanks everyone.

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