Introducing Egyptian Astronomy – Dr Bernadette Brady

In her clear, relaxed and easy manner,  Dr Bernadette Brady delivered the last of the five Seminars of this entirely fascinating course!

In the first lecture we were introduced to:  
The Egyptian view of the sky  – their mythology, theology and astronomy
And we learned about the ancient sky of:
Canals, Lakes and Marshes, Earth, Horizon and the sun
How the sky moves and the role of Nut
The alignment of the fourth dynasty pyramids

Over the following few weeks we learned about:
The Pyramid
Calendar and Diagonal Star Clocks
The New Kingdom – the Astronomical Ceilings
Stars Clocks and Dendera


Bernadette dealt with the two huge subjects of Astronomy and Egyptology with great skill, knowledge and expertise
I found her a fabulous lecturer and the subject fascinating from start to finish.

It was wonderful and I shall never look at the night sky, Unwearying Stars or Gibbous Moons the same again.

Thanks again Kemet Klub and thanks especially to Bernadette!
For Dr Bernadette Brady (contact:

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