Going Forth by Night: The Mummy in Literature and Film – by John J. Johnston, UCL.

This evening, I entered the lecture theater at Bristol University, and just as his name might suggest – John J Johnson – made an entry to be proud of – all theatrically dressed in very smart black suit – waistcoat, tails, smart white shirt and yellow tie!  He looked, and was, quite the maestro!

Cursemummystomb (1)

The lights dimmed, the audience hushed in eager and breathless anticipation, the screen came alive and with elegant voice, John delivered his lecture on Egyptology in the world of books, theater and films:  from Tutankhamen and the curse of the mummies, to the films of Boris Karloff.

It was a different take – quite a departure from the usual more academic lectures, and was most entertaining – the only thing missing was the half time interval with an ice cream seller!

However, I will now never again go forth alone by night!

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