Saqqara – Egypt’s Most Important Ancient Necropolis – Lucia Gahlin, UCL

We at the Kemet Club have just finished Lucia’s great course on the amazing Royal Necropolis of Saqqara.

When I lived in Egypt, I visited this site countless times – and as a result, I knew it well.

However, as always, there was more to learn:  Lucia covered Saqqara and its monuments from early dynastic times, to the New Kingdom and right through to Greco-Roman monuments – discussing many of the beautiful reliefs and artefacts from inside various tombs.  She also covered much of what has been excavated and developed in recent years.

It was an informative and fascinating course, thanks Lucia and the Kemet Klub.

I am now looking forward to the next course: ‘An introduction to Egyptian Astronomy’ – with Dr Bernadette Brady – another course organised by the Kemet Klub which promises to be as fascinating as Lucia’s course.

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