Egypt in England – Chris Elliott

Egypt in England logo - transparent background reduced (3)For this lecture the Egyptian Society Taunton, teamed up with Devon Archaeological Society.  Chris Elliott, of Egypt in England gave the presentation and it proved to be an original and interesting talk on how Ancient Egypt has influenced British Culture.

Chris gave us a lively and informative insight into the fashion for building, decorating, collecting and even burials in Egyptian style in England.

His talk was illustrated with some examples of truly lovely and elegant buildings;  sadly some of which no longer exist.

His ‘illustrated tour’ took us to Kingston Lacy, (see my previous Blog) to the beautiful Odd Fellows Hall (Egyptian House) in Plymouth and The Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly and much more – even to the sand dance of Wilson, Keppel and Betty!

This was a talk I nearly didn’t attend, feeling I might not learn much real ‘Egyptology’ – however, it was interesting, well illustrated and Chris is a good speaker.  Now I feel I want to take one of his guided tours of London or the British Museum.

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