Theban Temples – Dr. Aidan Dodson, Bristol University

I had really been looking forward to this lecture:  The Kemet Klub – (for further information contact Alison on:  had booked Dr. Aidan Dodson of Bristol University for a day workshop, on the subject of the Theban Temples.

Aidan started the lecture on the east bank and covered Karnak and Luxor temples, including the smaller temples within the complexes.

He then discussed Deir el-Bahari and the many temples running along the edge of cultivation strip on the west bank.

As expected, Aidan’s talk was professional, very well delivered and illustrated with excellent photos and maps – and as always, there was more to learn and I did!

The day was well organised and managed – and the cakes were delicious!  Clearly, all needs were more the adequately met!

Thanks Ali, Josie and Aidan

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