Saqqara – Egypt’s Most Important Ancient Necropolis – With Lucia Gahlin, UCL

This six-session course arranged by The Kemet Klub – (for further information contact Alison on: or via The Egypt Society of Bristol), promised an in-depth exploration of one of Egypt’s most significant ancient sites – Saqqara, the necropolis of Egypt’s ancient capital Memphis.

It also covers the tombs of pharaohs and nobles from the Early Dynastic Period through to the Ptolemaic Period, including Djoser’s Step Pyramid complex; the 5th dynasty pyramid of Unas; some of the ‘temple tombs’ of the New Kingdom, General Horemheb; and the Apis bull burials of the Serapeum.

So far, I have attended two of the six sessions, and have not been disappointed.  The course is proving to be as interesting and informative as I would expect from Lucia.

Thanks Lucia – I am really looking forward to the next four meetings.

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