Thebes Under the Kushites – Dr. Robert Morkot, Exeter University

Dr Robert Morkot is a regular speaker at the Egyptian Society Taunton, and this time he came to talk on Thebes under the Kushite rulers.

This lecture was focused on the monuments they built in Egypt, and in particular that at the Temple of Amun at Thebes.  The Kushite, for reasons of their own  followed the traditions, practices and gods of ancient Egypt, and their greatest monument is to be found at Thebes.

Robert took us through what they built, which  Kushite king built it and where – and there was a lot!

This is a period in the history that I find very interesting and am in they process of writing my own talk about the Kushite Kings:  although they were not native Egyptians, there had always been close and complex links between Egypt and the Nubians of Kush (approximately where modern Sudan is today).  Their conquest of Egypt was c. 728 BC.  They came, they conquered – establishing the 25th Dynasty – c. 728 – 657 BC.  They respected and worshiped Egyptian gods and religion, they built monuments at Thebes and elsewhere – and then they disappeared from Egyptian rule!

But why?  Why did they come?  Why did the show such respect for ancient Egyptian gods and beliefs?  And why did the go?  To find out more, do contact me.

And in the meantime, the Egyptian Society Taunton, have enjoyed another of Roberts most informative talks.

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