Sounds Familiar: Kinships and Social Relations in the First Intermediate Period – Leire Olabarria, Oxford

Leire Olabarria – spoke at the Egyptian Society at Bristol University on kinship and social relationship during the First Intermediate Period.  Leira displayed hieroglyphics, symbols and records of relationships during this time in ancient Egypt, from which today’s Egyptologists build their knowledge of the period.  Discussing the evidence, she explained how challenging it could be tracking family trees, and the difficulties in interpreting the records.

It was a very specific lecture, and was one that was an entirely new issue to me, which gave much food for thought.

I am really looking forward to attending the forthcoming meeting on 24 March 2015 when the talk is to be: ‘West Theban Pioneers: Belzoni, Wilkinson and Rhind’.  

This is a fascinating subject and Dr Aidan Dodson will be giving the lecture.  I heard him give this talk some time ago (see my earlier Blog) but it is worth hearing it again and is guaranteed to be a great meeting.

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