Ancient Lives: New Discoveries – The British Museum

I can’t praise the exhibition at the British Museum enough!  I was so keen to see it, that I visited it on the very first day and was enthralled!

The exhibition is fascinating – with scanned 3-D images of eight mummies dating from Pre-dynastic – Gebelein Man through to the Roman Period (c. AD 40–60), and including a medieval Christian mummy from the Sudan.

It was wonderful to be able to ‘watch the mystery unravel’, and ‘see’ inside of the wrappings of the mummies as the scans rotated and traveled from the outside to the inside of the mummies – the wrappings, skin, bone and internal organs – and back again.  They revealed many astonishing details which left me quite captivated!

As part of the exhibition, along with the scans are other interesting artifacts, not least an incredibly ancient and stylish wig.

I recommend anyone with an interest in ancient Egypt to go and see this exhibition – and soon!

As whilst there – I could not resist another visit to my other favourite museum – the Sir John’s Soane’s Museum – if you have never visited it yourself, I do recommend that you do so – and as soon as possible; it is a true ‘Aladdin’s Cave’.


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