Western Thebes Pioneers – Dr Aidan Dodson, Bristol University, Chair ESS

Another great talk given by another great speaker – Dr Aidan Dodson of Bristol University!

I have several of Aidan’s books, so I was quite excited at the prospect of attending this talk at the Egyptology Society Taunton, and I was not disappointed.

Aidan is a relaxed and easy speaker.  The content of the talk, was of course, fascinating. For me, it can be a bit unsettling to think about the attitudes of some of the adventurers of the early days of Egyptology; so much less informed and sophisticated than today. However, there were conscientious and professional Egyptologists as well those less so.  The world of Egyptology has developed in sophistication and our museums ultimately benefited from their labours and efforts – as do we, of course every time we are able to visit Thebes and the Egyptian collections around the world.

It was a great talk and the time passed in a flash.

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