Where Have All The Mummies Gone? The Disappearing Mummy Pits – Tess Barber, Cardiff

Well, this talk stood out as one of the most interesting, compelling and fascinating talks I have heard at the Egyptian Society Taunton!

Tess told us how she came upon this subject almost by accident, whilst researching old diaries and the writings of 19th century travelers and early explorers.

She took us through the attitudes of those early travelers and booty hunters who rampaged through Egypt, in search of mummies – not for intellectual gain, but for profit.  They took, destroyed and sold many hundreds, if not thousands of mummies. They were bought by collectors, by tourists as curios; they were turned into fertiliser, medicines – and many more spurious goods of trade; even the linen wrappings were turned into paper !  I was shocked and horrified.

Tess is an academic and it showed in her style of delivery – her dedication to proving each point resulted in the talk being a bit on the slow side.  However, it did not detract from what was a really outstanding subject and talk.  Thanks Tess

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