Magical and Divinatory Texts – Luigi Prada, Oxford

There was enchantment and magic in the talk that Luigi Prada came to bestow on us at the Egyptian Society Taunton this month!

Luigi told of how their texts and magic were extra tools and weapons to the Ancient Egyptians: how in their thinking, it was based in science and was not superstition.  It gave them signs to interpret, and solutions to use, Gods on their side and therefore decisions to make.

He spoke of the importance of the correct religious titulary for the pharaoh; for the personification of the magic needed by humans and gods.

How the religious text contained oaths sworn by the gods to protect them from illness, dangers, dreams and accidents.

There was a calendar of lucky and unlucky days.  He took us through Dream Book spells, Letters to the Dead, Lovers Claims and Divinations.

Overall, a most enjoyable, interesting and informative talk, not to mention Luigi’s excellent style of delivery.

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