Writings from Ancient Egypt by Dr. Toby Wilkinson – Cambridge University

Well, I have just had such a treat – a lecture given by one of my favourite writers and Egyptologists – Dr. Toby Wilkinson.

Toby began by explaining that we usually silently read the writings and texts of ancient Egypt, however, they were not usually intended to be read in silence, but rather to be read out loud.

He then went on to make this lecture a series of readings of writings from his latest book ‘Writings from Ancient Egypt’  – and what a revelation it was.
Beginning with Akhenaten’s ‘Ode to the Aten‘, he then read ‘Wisdom Literature’, ‘Instruction Writings’, humorous pieces and much more.
It was wonderful, he read with style, humour, vigour, pathos and compassion and it was a most entertaining, revealing and very enjoyable afternoon spent with Toby and the Egyptian Society Taunton.  Great stuff indeed!

EST gave a copy of Toby’s book as 1st prize in their raffle and I was disappointed not to have won it.  Toby raised my interest to the point where I must own it, therefore I feel compelled to immediately buy it !  I am sure I am going to enjoy may happy hours reading it.

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