The Senenmut Ceiling by Dr. Bernadette Brady

Senenmut Ceiling

Following on from the last month’s  great lecture on Senenmut,
Dr Bernadette Brady of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David came to talk at the Egyptian Society Taunton about the wonderful and beautiful Senenmut Ceiling.

Bernadette began by reminding us of how knowledgeable of the heavens were the ancient Egyptians – without which the pyramids could never have been built with such incredible accuracy; describing them them as ‘astronomy in stone’.

Discussing the Northern and Southern halves of the ceiling, we were taken on a fascinating celestial journey through the Stars Clocks and the seasons, stars and constellations, the duat and the decans; the  ‘Imperishable’ and ‘Wearying’ Stars.  And she finished by discussing Senenmut’s connections with Hatshepsut – and the tantalising indications of it to be found within the complex images on the ceiling.

This is the 3rd time I have heard Bernadette lecture, and as always, she was a riveting and compelling speaker.  She left me feeling in awe; of the incredible ancient Egyptians, our (to me) unfathomable heavens, and of Bernadette herself; clearly an expert in her field, she shares her vast knowledge so easily.  I do recommend her – do go to hear her speak if you have the opportunity – you will not be disappointed.

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