‘Ancient Egypt: A History in Biography’ with Dr Aidan Dodson of Bristol University and the Kemet Klub, Bristol.

We are so lucky to have Aidan Dodson living and working in our area and therefore, available to talk to us; and this was another interesting, informative and enjoyable day –  arranged by Ali and the Kemet Klub in Bristol.

Aidan took us on a journey through Egyptian history via the prism of some of the kings, nobles, priests and artisans who shaped it – by looking at what can, and has been gleaned from the writings of various individuals of their day and how this has informed the world of Egyptology.

Rahotep - 4th Dynasty - Cairo MuseumTravelling through more than 3000 years of the ancient culture, from the unification of Egypt to its fall to the Roman Empire of the late first millennium, we were taken through what is known about some of these individuals, and the process we looked at some of the greatest works of art of the time.  It was a really good day, and with a different approach to the subject.

And as always with Ali and the committee of the Kemet Klub we were well looked after and provided with yummy teas and cakes.  Thanks everyone, I look forward to the next course.

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