The Greek Pharaohs: Marvels, Murder and Mayhem

From the conquest of Egypt by possibly one of world’s greatest Generals – Alexander the Great, to the death of one of the  best-known and most fascinating Egyptian queens – Cleopatra, Egypt was taken from being a wealthy and great nation, as a major power in the Eastern Mediterranean, to the final, grueling end of its mighty 3000-year-long Empire.

The Macedonian Legacy – The House of Ptolemy:
With the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BCE, the region was thrown into turmoil, with Alexander’s ambitious generals fighting for supremacy; eventually resulting in the long-lasting ‘Wars of the Successors’.

Ultimately, the Macedonian General – Ptolemy son of Lagos, gained control of Egypt, thereby, founding the House of Ptolemy – which went on to rule Egypt for following 300 years.

Theirs is a complex story of wonderful achievements, great buildings and intellectual discoveries: but also a fatally, destructive time of court intrigues, royal-sibling rivalry, incest, alarmingly frequent murders and perpetual mayhem.

So what happened?  How and why was this once mighty empire eclipsed?  And by what power?


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