The Greek Pharaohs: Marvels, Murder and Mayhem

From the conquest of Egypt by possibly one of world’s greatest Generals – Alexander the Great, to the death of one of the  best-known and most fascinating Egyptian queens – Cleopatra, Egypt was taken from being a wealthy and great nation, as a major power in the Eastern Mediterranean, to the final, grueling end of its mighty 3000-year-long Empire.

The Macedonian Legacy – The House of Ptolemy:
With the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BCE, the region was thrown into turmoil, with Alexander’s ambitious generals fighting for supremacy; eventually resulting in the long-lasting ‘Wars of the Successors’.

Ultimately, the Macedonian General – Ptolemy son of Lagos, gained control of Egypt, thereby, founding the House of Ptolemy – which went on to rule Egypt for following 300 years.

Theirs is a complex story of wonderful achievements, great buildings and intellectual discoveries: but also a fatally, destructive time of court intrigues, royal-sibling rivalry, incest, alarmingly frequent murders and perpetual mayhem.

So what happened?  How and why was this once mighty empire eclipsed?  And by what power?

This story is too long and complex for one just presentation, therefore, I have divided it into two separate presentations:

The Greek Pharaohs: Marvels, Murder and Mayhem
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The Greek Pharaohs: Marvels, Murder and Mayhem – Part 1 – The Marvels
The Greek Pharaohs: Marvels, Murder and Mayhem – Part 2 – The Long Decline

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